Bibliography 4

4. Poppies in botanical books and medicinal texts: 

  • An Ancient Egyptian Herbal, Lise Manniche, University of Texas Press, Austin, published in cooperation with British Museum Publications, 1989.  Dr. Manniche, a noted Egyptologist, draws on ancient texts written by the Egyptians and their neighbors to reconstruct an Egyptian herbal.
  • Medical Botany, William Woodville (reprint of volume 5 of the 1832 edition, revised by William Jackson Hooker and George Spratt). Woodville (1752-1805) was an English physician and botanist whose books were an important reference for physicians in the nineteenth century. Nineteenth century physicians were university educated and examined patients, diagnosed disease, and prescribed medication, relying on books such as this.
  • Poppies: The Poppy Family in the Wild and in Cultivation, Christopher Grey-Wilson,revised edition, Timber Press, 2000.  Grey-Wilson is an English botanist who served as Principal Scientific Officer at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and is currently editor of The Alpine Gardener, a publication of the Alpine Garden Society.
  • Botanicum Medicinale: A Modern Herbal of Medicinal Plants, Catherine Whitlock, The MIT Press, 2020. Author Catherine Whitlock, PhD, writes on science, medicine and nature. Full of up-to-date information, this book is for readers curious about the history of plants, their uses, and the most recent science about them.