President’s Letter Winter 2019


February 12, 2019

Dear GCEH Members,

Over the past six months of fall and winter, our Club has been so active that I’ve come to the conclusion that GCEH is a “full time summer club.”

While the focus of the February 2019 newsletter is on upcoming programs and events, I want to be sure to thank all of you who said yes when asked to lead a committee or take on a responsibility (40 of our members, or almost half our active membership), all of you who organized and attended our 3 fall horticulture workshops, our holiday lecture & luncheon, and our two senior citizen’s holiday workshops. When I look through the list of names and the photos, virtually every member participated.

We owe special thanks to Dorothy Desbonnet, our tax accountant, for preparing our form 990 tax returns in time to be approved at our December Board meeting, and to our capable Treasurer Cindy Pool for handling our funds so deftly and preparing the 2019 budget, approved in December. So many offered wise counsel along the way this fall, that I feel blessed by your generous advice, inspired ideas and excellent editing of my written work. And hats off to Beverly Kazickas for leaving the Club in such a strong financial position. She has enabled the current board to confidently plan for 2019 and beyond.

I’d also like to offer a special thanks to two dear friends of GCEH, Curtis Eaves and Alejandro Saralegui of the Madoo Conservancy.

Curtis has totally rewritten our website this winter so it is now secure and able to accept credit card payments. Within 24 hours of sending out the February 2019 online version of this newsletter on February 10th, six of you had purchased tickets for our Garden Party and Plant Sale on Friday, May 24th. You no longer need to write a check and mail it, and Cindy doesn’t need to go to the Post Office, fill out deposit tickets, endorse checks, and make a trip to the bank. More importantly, everyone who bought their tickets online said it was so easy!

Alejandro hosted a propagation workshop for our members this past fall at Madoo, and will be hosting both a pruning lecture and field walk for us in April and our fabulous sunset and sunrise photography workshops in August. You are a wonderful partner for GCEH, and we are all so appreciative.

Please enjoy reading about our upcoming events in this pdf version of the February 2019 newsletter. We can’t include as many photos as you can see on our website, so be sure to log on and look at the tab titled 2019 Fall Happenings. (Reminder: your username is first name, last name without punctuation, capital letters or spaces and the password, if you haven’t updated yours yet, is compost2019.)

Yours truly,

Julie Sakellariadis