East Hampton does not provide municipal garbage pickup service. In the village and town,
residents are responsible for disposing of their trash. There are two options for disposal. It
may be by private carrier or by disposing of it on your own at the Recycling Center located at
260 Springs Fireplace Road, East Hampton. A permit is required and may be purchased at the


Household hazardous waste includes paints, pesticides, household cleaners, nail polish,
motor oil, antifreeze, thermometers, pool chemicals, batteries and CFL bulbs!

Stop Throwing Out Pollutants – S.T.O.P. day is a day in which residents are permitted to
dispose of household hazardous materials. S.T.O.P. days occur twice a year at the East
Hampton Recycling Center and twice a year at the Montauk facility. Check the website below
for schedule.


Electronic waste, also known as E-waste, is accepted daily at the recycling center. E-waste
includes computers (they will erase the hard drive for you), TVs, printers, cell phones, fax
machines, stereos, monitors, etc. Electronic waste contains lead, mercury and other highly
toxic materials that must be disposed of with care.

Link to the East Hampton website for more information on the recycling center.

Town of East Hampton Recycling Center